About the Company

The Fédération des Parents du Manitoba created for and by Franco-Manitoban Parents in 1976.

La FPM offers programs, services resources and training to families and workers to help create an environment where children and youth can reach their full potential in a French environment.

The Challenges

  • Unable to let members know of upcoming events
  • Training new board members takes a very long time
  • No way to archive their conferences for newer members.
  • Staff having no ability to change the content on their website.

Our Solutions

  • Create a calendar to allow memeber to know about upcoming events.
  • Produce videos for training board member's and archiving conferences.
  • Create a member's only portal to view archived videos and training material.
  • CMS Integration to allow staff to manage the website and its content.

The Result

La FPM, using videos and an online portal, is able to inform and train more members with a significantly smaller cost. They can reduce their number of training sessions and all the content is available, online , 24/7.  The cost saving has allowed them to re-invest in services that help more parents.

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